With Election Day approaching, local elections have the biggest impacts on our day to day lives. I am well aware of this having served the citizens of Kane County for 23 years with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, my final 8 years as your sheriff. I have followed the coroner’s race with interest, as law enforcement in all counties interact with their coroners. It is also an office funded by taxpayer dollars, and that funding should be treated as such. A great deal of trust is given to anyone who provides service to the public that the funds provided will be used wisely and the office will run efficiently.

 Knowing this, I am writing this letter to endorse Tao Martinez for the Kane County Coroner. Tao has a servant mentality, not a public official mentality. He understands the success of any business is attention to detail, and fiscal responsibility. He has furthered his education in the field directly related to death investigations. Most importantly, he understands people and knows he will be helping them through times of grief and sorrow. He is taking this responsibility to heart, and has a legitimate plan to accomplish his goals as coroner. Let’s elect a true team player and public servant, Tao Martinez.

Patrick Perez
Kane County Sheriff (Retired)

Hi! I’m Mary Lou Kearns and I was your Kane County Coroner from 1976 to 1999.

I may have been only countywide female Democrat back then, but that didn’t stop me from working with the Republican County Board to turn the Coroner’s office into the envy of counties statewide. There is no Republican or Democratic way to run that office – there’s the professional way!

Sadly, since 2000, the Kane County Coroner’s office has taken a turn for the worse. Theft, felony misconduct charges, decomposing bodies, evidence destroyed, unnecessary autopsies, and frivolous expenses have all taken their toll. I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been to watch a once respected institution become the laughingstock of a state already known for its self-destructive politics.

But there is hope! Kane County Coroner candidate Tao Martinez will set things straight. He will restore the fiscal integrity, respect, dignity, dedication, and compassion that office has been missing for far too long.

Tao is local business owner who’s tackled budgets four times the size of the Coroner’s budget. He understands you have to live within your means. He knows the only way forward is to work with the County Board – not against them. More importantly, as President and founder of AchAngels BioRecovery, Inc., Tao has treated Kane County families enduring the worst possible tragedies with the utmost dignity and respect. Grief and tragedy effect all of us, it’s a not unique to Republicans or Democrats.

Tao Martinez isn’t a politician, he’s a public servant. Tao is the only candidate with the experience, the background, the certifications, the spirit, the insight, and the plan to turn the Kane County Coroner’s office around. It’s time for a change. Please join me, Mary Lou Kearns, your former Coroner, in supporting Tao Martinez for our next Kane County Coroner. You won’t be disappointed.

Mary Lou Kearns
Kane County Coroner (Former)


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